Why all the fuss about stormwater now?

The City of Saint Peter must comply with a new unfunded mandate concerning stormwater regulations from the State of Minnesota which is enforced by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) and federally by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These regulations require the City of Saint Peter to apply for a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit to discharge municipal stormwater into surface waters of the state (i.e. our creeks and rivers).

In order for the City of Saint Peter to comply with this permit the City must develop and implement six minimum measures to ensure that our stormwater is clean water. Clean water is not a matter of choice - it's a matter of health, and now complying with a NPDES permit. These permits require cities to do six things:

  1. Conduct outreach and education about polluted stormwater runoff
  2. Provide opportunities for residents to participate and be involved in conversations and activities related to reducing polluted stormwater runoff
  3. Detect illicit discharges (e.g. straight piping or dumping)
  4. Control construction site runoff
  5. Control post-construction runoff
  6. Perform municipal housekeeping (e.g. take steps to prevent runoff from city buildings and activities)

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1. Why all the fuss about stormwater now?
2. What is stormwater runoff?
3. What is polluted runoff?
4. What is nonpoint source pollution?
5. What causes polluted stormwater runoff?
6. Why do we need to manage stormwater and polluted runoff?
7. How is stormwater and runoff "managed"?
8. If it only affects streams and creeks, why should I care?
9. What is a stormwater fee and why do I have one?
10. How does this benefit the average taxpayer?
11. What can I do to make a difference at home and reduce the amount of stormwater pollution?
12. How else can I help reduce stormwater pollution in my area?
13. What is a catch basin or storm drain?
14. Are sewers and storm drains the same things?
15. Do catch basins and storm drains get cleaned out?
16. Why doesn't the City of Saint Peter clean out all of the storm drains before a storm?
17. Why doesn't the City of Saint Peter install filters or screens in front of the catch basins?
18. Why isn't a net/fence/barrier installed at the end of the storm drain channel to catch all of the trash?
19. What kinds of pollutants are found in the storm drain system?
20. What should I do if I see a neighbor throwing trash, used oil or paint into a storm drain?
21. How can I properly dispose of left-over paints, thinners, chemicals, etc.?
22. Is it okay to wash my car on the driveway if I use a biodegradable soap?
23. Yard clippings and leaves are natural, so they don't cause any problems, right?
24. Is there a fine/penalty for illegal dumping?
25. How does pet waste left on the grass affect stormwater?