Election Judges


The City is always looking for residents to serve as election judges. To be eligible for appointment as an election judge, a candidate must be:

  • Eligible to vote in the State of Minnesota
  • Affiliated with a major political party
  • Able to read, write and speak English
  • Appointed by the City Council
  • Trained and currently certified as an election judge


An election judge cannot be:

  • A candidate in that election (i.e. be running for an office on the ballot used in that precinct)
  • The husband, wife, parent, step relative, child, brother, or sister of a candidate or another judge in the same precinct
  • A challenger

High School Students

We love kids! High school students aged 16 and 17 can be trainee judges and we love to work with them. (Students 18 and over can serve as full-fledged judges.) Students must be in good academic standing, and have permission from their school and parents. Trainee judges perform most of the same duties as the adult judges (except those requiring judges of different political affiliations) and are paid for their service. Trainee judges cannot work past 10 p.m.


All Judges must attend a mandatory training session before the election and are paid at the rate of $13.00 per hour ($14.00 per hour for Assistant Head Judges and $15.00 per hour for Head Judges) for their service. While most judges work all day on election day, part-time positions are occasionally, but not always, made available.

Being Considered

If you would like to be considered for appointment as an election judge or a trainee judge, or for more information on how you can serve your community in this way, please contact the City Administrator's office at 934-0663 or email the City Administrator or for click here 2024 ELECTION JUDGE APPLICATION.  Applications should be submitted to the City Administrator's office by no later than January 3, 2024.