Police Civil Service Commission


  • Meeting Times Vary
  • As-Needed Basis
  • Community Center, Governor's Room


  • Vacancy
  • Megan Ruble
  • Joan Easton

About the Police Civil Service Commission

The Police Civil Service Commission is created pursuant to Minnesota State Statutes Chapter 419.  The purpose of the Commission is to serve all Police personnel needs including, but not limited to, employment, promotions, demotions, discharges, transfers, testing, certifications, lay-offs, resignations and reinstatements by employees of the department as defined in the Rules and Regulations of the Saint Peter Police Civil Service Commission.


There are three members on the Commission and members serve three year terms.  Regular meeting dates are subject to change due to holidays, special circumstances, and/or elections.  If unsure about a meeting date or time, please contact the Police Department at 507-931-1550 or by emailing the Police Department.


City Council advisory board and commission members are recommended by the Mayor and appointed by the City Council. Vacancies occur most frequently at the end of the year, however vacancies do occur throughout the year as well. If you are interested in being considered for appointment to this or any other advisory board or commission, please fill out the Advisory Board Application and return it to the City Administrator's Office via email or at our office, 227 South Front Street.  Please contact the City Administrator's Office at 507-934-0663 or email the City Administrator for more information. Members must live within the corporate limits of the City of Saint Peter.