Merchant / Solicitor License

The Saint Peter City Code requires that any peddler, solicitor, or transient merchant engaging in any such business within the City obtain a license and file a bond with the City. Each license shall apply to a maximum of three persons provided all such persons engage in a single licensed activity.

Required Information:

  1. Completed Application (Permit Application or the form can be obtained at the Community Development Office - 227 South Front Street)
  2. $1,000 Surety Bond
  3. One of the following as evidence of Workers' Compensation Insurance pursuant to M.S. section 176181, Subdivision 2:
    1. A certificate of insurance from the licensee's insurance company, stating that the licensee has workers' compensation insurance; or
    2. A copy of a written order from the Commissioner of Insurance, granting the licensee permission to self-insure; or
    3. A statement by the licensee's attorney that in his opinion the licensee is not subject to the provisions of the workers' compensation law, including a citation to the specific statute which exempts the license.

Transient Merchants/Peddlers/Solicitors are allowed in the business district only without obtaining a permit, but must check in with the Saint Peter Police Department located at 207 South Front Street.

License Cost:

License TypeCost
6 Month$200
Investigation Fee$50


Call 507-934-0661