Illicit Discharge

Illicit discharge is the disposal or discharge of pollutants and non-storm water materials into a storm sewer system via surface flow, direct dumping into the storm sewer or water body, or through illegal connections to the county storm sewer system.

City of Saint Peter's Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) is not designed to remove most pollutants, so dumping into the MS4 ultimately ends up in our natural waters.

Types of illicit discharges

  • Improper disposal of auto and household chemicals
  • Spills from roadway accidents or vehicle leaks
  • Improper disposal of yard and pet wastes
  • Construction site sediment
  • Drilling operation waste
  • Laundry and car wash water
  • Septic tank discharge and sanitary wastewater
  • Chlorinated pool water

What to look for

  • Persons dumping liquids, animal waste, leaves, grass clippings, or anything unidentifiable into a storm drain.
  • Unusual colors or odors in the surface water.
  • Stains, unusual odors, or structural damage to street surfaces.
  • Dead or distressed fish, plants, or other wildlife near surface water.
  • Abnormal vegetative growth in water bodies.
  • Sediment accumulation in water bodies.
  • Pipes with flowing water during a dry period.

Acceptable discharges

  • Clean water discharges including water line flushing.
  • Air conditioning condensation.
  • Irrigation water, sump pump and lawn watering discharge.
  • Individual residential car wash water.
  • De-chlorinated swimming pool water.
  • Discharges or flow from firefighting and other activities necessary to protect public health and safety.
  • Normal rainfall.

How You Can Help

  • Never dump anything into a storm sewer or storm drain.
  • Make sure nothing but rain washes off your street, sidewalk and driveway.
  • Wash your car on your lawn or at a commercial car wash.
  • Watch a video about how to prevent illicit discharges from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

What the City of Saint Peter is doing

  • City of Saint Peter has an Illicit Discharge Ordinance giving the city the authority to regulate illicit discharges to the City MS4 permit.
  • Annual inspections of at least 20% of the City's MS4 discharges points.
  • Annual training of City of Saint Peter staff in the identification of illicit discharges and construction site stormwater management.