Stormwater Treatment

Example of a Stormwater BasinStormwater Basins

Stormwater basins are designed to detain or slow down the stormwater, which trap and settle most of the solid material carried by stormwater. Removal of the sediment improves water quality and helps reduce contaminant loads into rivers or lakes.

The City of Saint Peter implements stormwater basins in new developments, such as Washington Terrace. All new developments are required to provide an area which would collect the stormwater from their development and treat it on site. Currently the City has 27 stormwater basins. These areas are maintained throughout the year by City staff, some of the maintenance includes mowing, trimming of trees, solids removal, and trash pick-up.

These ponds are not for recreation, please do not swim, fish, or let your animals come in contact with the water.