Rental Information & Application

Rental Fees & Application Deadlines

  • Total rental fee is $44 per unit unless there are more than 6 units per building.
    1. Rental Registration fee is $24 per unit for two years.
    2. Inspection fee is $20 per unit up to a maximum of 6 units per building.
    3. Rentals are BIENNIAL.
    4. If you renewed last year you are already renewed for 2024.  Check your rental certificate for dates.
    5. If you have any questions please contact Cindy at 507-934-0661.
  • Applications and fee are due by December 31, 2023
    1. If applications are postmarked after December 31, 2023 there will be a $36 late fee per unit. Total late rental fee is $80 per unit, which includes the rental registration fee of $60 and the inspection fee of $20 per unit. 
    2. Inspections must be completed by March 31, 2024 to avoid a $36 per unit late fee.
    3. We do one inspection every two years unless it fails to pass code requirements.
    4. If your first inspection failed you will have to schedule a re-inspection and pay a $20 re-inspection fee per unit.
    5. The number of days to repair incompliant issues is determined by the inspector.


Checks made out to: City of Saint Peter

Mail completed rental application and fee to:
City of Saint Peter
Attn: Building Department - Rentals
227 S Front Street
Saint Peter, MN 56082

Utility Assessments

Property owners in the City of Saint Peter can protect themselves from unanticipated utility assessments.  Utility Assessment Policy

Rental Procedures

The following is a general listing of the procedure to follow to obtain a City of Saint Peter rental certificate:

  1. Obtain a Rental Application (PDF) here or from the Building Department for each building that you plan to rent
  2. Return the completed application(s), along with the appropriate fee(s), for each rental unit, to the Building Department
  3. Schedule an inspection with the Building Inspector


Before a Rental Certificate can be issued each rental unit must be inspected by the Building Inspector, accompanied by the owner or his/her agent. If there are any necessary repairs and/or improvements noted, they must be completed before a Rental Certificate will be issued for the proposed rental unit(s). Following is a list of some of the items the Building Inspector will be checking for:

  • Abandoned auto(s), appliances, etc.
  • Adequate light and ventilation
  • The amount of habitable space in relationship to the projected occupancy
  • Appliances in good working condition
  • Check plumbing for proper backflow protection
  • Check the seals on electric and water meters
  • Condition of property access, alley, and sidewalks
  • Doors with locks that provide for tenant’s security
  • Handrails and guardrails on stairways and porches at the proper heights
  • The number of off-street parking spaces (two per unit)
  • The number of tenants residing in the unit
  • Overall structural safety
  • The presence and proper placement of smoke detector(s) (1 each level, 1 each bedroom, and 1 outside bedroom(s))
  • The presence of a fire extinguisher (of the proper type) in each rental unit
  • Proper ceiling height (7 foot minimum)
  • Proper sanitary facilities
  • Proper slope away from building for adequate drainage
  • Proper weather protection
  • Proposed unit location is in compliance with existing zoning ordinance
  • Safe and properly maintained electrical and plumbing services
  • Safe and properly maintained heating and ventilation equipment
  • Two exits from each sleeping area (door and egress window)

The above list should not be considered complete, rather, it is the City’s intention to provide prospective landlords with a general list of areas and items to be inspected. In addition, most alteration or repair work will require obtaining a building permit from the City of Saint Peter Building Department. Contact the Building Department to determine the type of work requiring building permits.

Issuance Terms

Rental certification is issued every two years and is effective from January 1st of year one through December 31st of year two. Close to the end of the two year period, but prior to December 31st, a new application must be obtained, filled out, and submitted along with the appropriate fee for re-certification for the next period. The Building Department conducts a re-inspection every two years as well.

Schedule an Inspection

The Building Department can be contacted at 507-934-0662 to schedule an inspection.