If You Are Arrested

If you are arrested, the following will happen to you (provided you are a young person or an adult)

  1. The officers will identify themselves as police officers.
  2. You will be told that you are under arrest.
  3. You will be told the reason for the arrest.
  4. The officer will take physical control of you. This may be as simple as placing a hand on your shoulder.
  5. You will be searched and should expect to be handcuffed with your hands behind your back, for public and officer safety, before being placed in a police vehicle.
  6. You may be subject to a further search.
  7. You may be released or taken to a police station, depending on the circumstances.
  8. At the station, you may be placed in an interview room or a holding cell.
  9. You may be released by the officer, or held to appear before a judge.
  10. If you are released by the officer, you may be charged at a later time.