As society becomes more complex, technical, and mobile so to are the nature of criminal investigations. The ever-increasing intricacy of criminal investigations calls for specialization. Scientific advances and the use of technology have proven to be great resources in the apprehension and conviction of criminals. Investigators must have the knowledge, skill and ability of these resources in order to successfully initiate and conduct criminal investigations.

Criminal investigation is fundamental to the success of policing. It would not be possible to pursue, apprehend, and successfully prosecute criminals without this task. It is the essential mission of the Saint Peter Police Department to prevent crime, protect victims and witnesses, and apprehend criminals; this could not be successful without a viable investigative branch.


Criminal investigations are often resource intensive. Major complex cases are often labor intensive. Because of the complexity of criminal investigations it is necessary for a detective to supervise and monitor all criminal cases. A detective responds to all major crime scenes, and will manage all major felony crimes as well as all crimes against persons. 

Contact a Detective

Detective William Gerhart: Email Detective Gerhart or call 507-931-1550. 
Detective David Krzmarzick: Email Detective Krzmarzick or call 507-931-1550.