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The Saint Peter Wastewater Treatment Facility, located at 400 West St. Julien Street, provides for the collection and treatment of municipal wastewater at a quality that meets or exceeds standards through the use of the latest technology. 

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400 West St. Julien Street

Saint Peter’s Wastewater History:

The original wastewater treatment facility for the City of Saint Peter was constructed in 1961 and consisted of 202 acres of stabilization ponds located in the Minnesota River floodplain.  Due to the location of the ponds, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency required the City to develop a new approach for processing the City’s wastewater.  The planning process for a new wastewater treatment facility began.  After several years of planning and research the City Council decided on an advanced technology design that had originally been developed in Europe.  The new wastewater treatment facility was constructed by the Robert L. Carr Company and in February of 2004 the facility began discharging treated effluent water.   

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