Warren Park


1500 Lloyd Lane


2.9 Acres

Neighborhood Park/Old West Theme
GPS: N44.34246 - W093.9737


St. Peter High School students suggested the name Warren for this park established in 1997, to recognize the role that Glacial Lake Agassiz and its ancient outlet, River Warren, had in carving the valley of what is now the Minnesota River about 10000 years ago. They also accidentally named the park after Gouverneur Kemble Warren (1830-1882), who had surveyed the Minnesota River, Upper Mississippi River, and much of the Dakotas and Nebraska.

For more about the River Warren: http://mrbdc.mnsu.edu/minnesota-river-valley-formation

For more about G. K. Warren: http://news.asce.org/gouverneur-k-warren-civil-war-hero-and-surveyor-of-western-territories/