Veterans Memorial Park


311 N Fifth St, 312 N Fourth St & 500 W Skaro


14.0 Acres
Baseball Field Regulation w/ Lights
Baseball Field Regulation w/o Lights
Basketball Court w/o Lights
Batting Cage
Drinking Fountain(s)
Hockey Rink w/ Lights
Ice Skating Rink w/ Lights
Parking Lot
Picnic Shelter
Picnic Table(s)
Restroom Stalls Ladies/Mens
Showering Facilities
Soccer Field
Swimming Pool
Tennis Courts Regulation w/ Lights

500 W Skaro - Baseball and Concession/Restrooms
311 N. Fifth - Shelter, Tennis (including tennis backboard) and Skating N44.33000 W093.95963
312 N. Fourth Street - Swimming Pool and Restrooms


Known for decades as "The Rec Field", Veterans Memorial Park was established in 1937, and officially named in 1961 to honor Saint Peter area veterans.  The swimming pool was built in 1938, and in 1962 named for Roy "Truddie" Lindenberg (1900-1960), a student athlete, 11-varsity letter graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College, coach and high school teacher. Lindenberg was a city Alderman from 1937 to 1952.  The changing house and pools were extensivley renovated in the 1980s, when the separate kiddie-pool and diving pit were added. 

The baseball fields serve High School, St. Peter Baseball Association, Over 35, and Over 50 teams. 

There is a skating rink, hockey rink and a warming house provided for winter sports activities. In the summer the hockey rink has been used for electric car racing.  Several youth soccer fields and a newly constructed soccer rink with turf has been a great asset for summer activities. 

  • Swimming Pool: Opens June 1, 2019
    • Diving Pool - 50 feet x 50 feet
    • Wading Pool - 18 feet x 18 feet
    • Swimming Pool - 80 feet x 80 feet
    • GPS: N44.32930 - W093.95659
  • Field one: Baseball diamond 362 feet from home plate to centerfield fence, Lights, dugouts 50 feet x 8 feet with storage rooms and drinking fountains, scoreboard, lighted flagpole.
  • Field two: Baseball diamond 300 feet from home plate to centerfield fence, no direct lighting, 2 dugouts with 2 wooden benches in each, scoreboard; drinking fountain GPS: N44.33121 - W093.95706
  • Veterans Memorial Park - Hockey Rink