"State of the City" Video Blog, January 17, 2018

City Administrator Prafke tries his take on a quote from Ron Burgundy. See if you can find his adaptation of that famous line. More importantly find out about Street Maintenance, Rivers Edge Hospital, Minnesota Square Park Pavilion and the weather….. he talks about the weather because, after all, we are in Minnesota.

January 17th Video Blog

What? No puppies this time. Todd read that if you have a picture of a cute puppy or a kitten people are more apt to watch your video. Will penguins do the trick? Seemed like a cute penguin might be more appropriate for this edition of State of the City. City Administrator Prafke talks about the last workshop and other updates. Let us know if the cute penguins work for you? You can find our weekly electronic newsletter at http://www.saintpetermn.gov/…/hotsheets/HOTSHEETjan32018.pdf

January 5th Video Blog


That’s not the City Administrator you're seeing, but he is behind there and will be talking about taxes in a special edition of “State of the City”. He read somewhere that if you have pictures of puppies and kittens on the video blog more people will watch so here it goes…by the way here is a link to more information about the City budget...http://www.saintpetermn.gov/sites/default/files/meetings-agendas-packets/CITY_COUNCIL_MEETING_DECEMBER_11_2017.pdf… starting on page 49… and maybe let us know if the puppy and kitty thing works.

December 15th Video Blog