Notice of Licensed Peddler

Licensed Peddler - The City Council has issued a six month Peddler License to Gatis Melbardis who willl be going door-to-door in residential areas selling children's educational materials.

As with all door-to-door peddlers, residents are encouraged to ask to see the City issued peddler's license (signed by the CIty Administrator) before purchasing anything or allowing a Peddler in your home. Being licScheduling optionsensed by the City ensures the person has undergone a background investigation which helps protect our citizens from unscrupulous vendors.  If the person coming to your door can't produce a license, don't let them in your house and don't purchase anything from them.  Many of these unscrupulous peddlers may try and convince you that they don't need a license or are licensed by the State, but any salesperson going door-to-door in a residential area....unless you have invited them to your home....MUST have a license from the CIty. 

If an unlicensed peddler comes to your door,  please don't hesitate to notify the Police Department (931-1550) and provide a description of the person, their vehicle and what direction they were traveling.


If you have any questions about Peddler's and whether they are indeed licensed by the CIty, please don't hesitate to contact us at 507-934-0663 during business hours, or 507-931-1550 (the Police Department) after hours.