Fall Leaf Collection - Begins October 22

Leaves and grass clippings will be collected from sunrise to sunset using a vacuum hose starting south of Broadway at 7:00 A.M. Monday, October 22nd and then continue north of Broadway (approximately) 7:00 A.M. Monday, November 5th.

Tips to facilitate and speed up the leaf collection process:

  1. Place leaves parallel and adjacent to the curb (within six-feet (6’) of the curb line)

   2. Please do not put leaves on the street, on a tarp, cover with tarp, or put in bags

   3.  Please do not include animal wastes with the leaves, as the person using the vacuum hose gets covered with a fine dust of whatever is in the leaves

   4.  Please help us serve you better by not placing brush and leaves by curbies, light poles, mailboxes, signs, trees, posts, etc.

   5.  If possible, please do not put leaves on a curve in the street (the machine has a hard time picking up leaves that aren’t in a straight line)

   6. And please do not park in front of the yard waste until pick-up is complete (if possible, allow fifty feet (50’) either side of the pile so the machine has       enough room to collect the material)

   7.  If you live on a dead-end street, place material on the curb in front of the house, not on the dead-          end

   8.  If you live on a corner lot it is possible that one side will be picked up before the other as the trucks run north to south and then east to west to be more efficient in the collection process.  (Suggestion:   Place all leaves on the same side of the street if you want all your leaves picked up at the same time.)

The collection process is quite lengthy, (it took four 4 weeks in 2017), and in order to complete the process before it snows, crews sometimes have to start the collection before all the leaves have fallen.  Collection dates for the areas north and south of Broadway are rotated each year.

Should you miss the collection dates, yard waste can be taken to the City’s yard waste drop-off site.

Note:  Snow may end the process prematurely but leaves, brush, and garden waste can be taken to the drop-off site.

Drop-off Site Open 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week - The brush and soft yard waste drop-off sites located at 1128 West Swift Street, (southwest intersection of St. Julien and Swift Streets) with access off West Swift Street are open year around for your convenience in dropping off brush and soft yard waste. Brush and tree trimmings need to be cut shorter than 6 feet. Separate bunker now provided for dropping off fill (rocks, dirt, etc.).

This service is provided and funded by the Environmental Service Fee on your utility bill. For further updates on the process please follow the website page. http://www.saintpetermn.gov/environmental-servicesrefuse